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Waitangi Day Gold Coast Stall Interest Registration Form

If you are interested in hosting a stall at Waitangi Day please fill out the Registration of Interest form below. Someone will contact you soon.

Stall Type?
Stall Size and Quantity? (What size stall(s) do you need? and how many?)
3m x 3m enter quantity
6m x 6m enter quantity
What are your electrical power requirements? (if any)
What kind of goods do you want to sell?


I am aware that in consideration of my rights to use and occupy the approved site and any part of it, upon payment or otherwise, that I do so at my sole risk and agree that Te Iwi Tahi Inc. and it’s related bodies, it’s subsidiaries, clubs, directors, committee, members, employees, volunteers or agents are released from all liability now or in the future, howsoever caused.

In consideration of my right to use and occupy the site, I indemnify and hold indemnified, Te Iwi Tahi Inc. and it’s related bodies as mentioned above, from any damage that may be caused, directly from my use or occupation of the site.

I also acknowledge that any damages caused to the venue (grass, irrigation, pavement, etc) in accordance with Te Iwi Tahi Inc., Broadwater Parklands and Gold Coast City Council will be billed directly to me by Gold Coast City Council at their discretion.

I understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions stated in the contract received from Te Iwi Tahi Inc.

Without prejudice I will comply with all requirements stated by Te Iwi Tahi Inc. and Gold Coast City Council.

I understand that failing to comply, may result in my stall fee being forfeited.

I understand that failing to comply, may result in an on the spot fine issued by Gold Coast City Council.

I understand and agree that Te Iwi Tahi Inc. or any of it’s members or volunteer workers personally cannot be and will not be held responsible or accountable for any losses of profit or reimbursement of any stock to the stall holder.

I understand and agree that Te Iwi Tahi Inc. will not and cannot be held responsible for weather conditions causing the event, (being Waitangi Day Gold Coast) to be cancelled. Upon signing of this agreement, I agree to forfeit my stall fee. I understand and agree this is an act of Nature (Force Majeure).

I understand that the drinking of alcohol at the event is prohibited and all alcohol will need to be surrendered to the Queensland Police.

I Agree to the above Terms and Conditions
(If you don't Agree to the Terms and Condition's by ticking this box, You will not be able to hold a Stall at Waitangi Day Gold Coast.

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